A strong start to any writing assignment can set you up for success with whatever project. Staying organized helps with motivation and time management and can guide you through writer’s block. These are some tips I’ve gathered along the way which will let you tackle your next assignment.  Breaking down an assignment into smaller steps … Continue reading Staying Organized Throughout the Writing Process

Developing a Thesis

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We’ve covered a few aspects of writing that can be applied to several situations and forms. The thesis is a bit different; while every piece of writing should have some type of thesis or purpose statement, the ways in which writers craft their theses depend entirely on the type of writing. As with my other … Continue reading Developing a Thesis

Writing a Conclusion

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Just as every piece of writing needs an introduction, every piece of writing needs a conclusion. As with my piece on introductions, I’m going to discuss this aspect of writing in the context of an academic, analytical paper. However, my comments and suggestions can be easily applied to nearly any type of writing or form.   An effective … Continue reading Writing a Conclusion

Writing an Introduction

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Introductions are essential to a piece of writing’s structure and argumentative or narrative development. A good introduction will grab the reader’s attention, provide enough background information for the reader to understand the topic, define necessary terms, make clear the writer’s driving question or problem, and provide a roadmap for the direction the writing will take. … Continue reading Writing an Introduction

Most people develop writing skills and techniques in school—through writing essays, papers, and opinions. However, not many people formally learn how to craft analytic essays. In my next few posts, I am going to try to fill that gap. There are countless parts to an analytic essay, and understanding the function of these pieces is … Continue reading Discussing Essay Structure as Various Parts and Functions

I’ve heard a lot of great writing advice over the years. To cast away the 5-paragraph essay and staid, over-standardized rules, I think of the succinct quote from Elmore Leonard. “If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it.” To maintain my passion for writing even when it doesn’t feel like fun anymore, I think of … Continue reading What’s the Single Best Piece of Advice to Teach Writing Skills?